Maker’s Row Launches Secure Payments — Here’s Why

Back in 2012 this is what the invoices I was receiving looked like. No subject line. A scanned copy of an older system’s invoice, and barely legible. I loved working with my factory partners, but the invoice management was really one of the biggest pain points — sometimes the itemized components didn’t even add up and I had to backtrack and get more information. And once you pay the factory, usually via check or credit card (if you are lucky) there was no recourse or online accountability.

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We know there are lots of opportunities to modernize the American manufacturing. Our first priority at Maker’s Row was to allow businesses to find factories. We also found that there was a lot of education we had to help with also – how do to make your first sample, etc., so we started the academy and software to organize product creation with projects.

Today, we are so excited to announce that we are solving the problem of quoting and payments between factories and brands.

The first way we are modernizing this is by adding a button attached to selected manufacturers’ profiles called ‘Get Quote’. This allows brands to request a quote from factories and factories to respond with a price quote. Then, they both can process their payments through the platform.

Why We Are Launching Safe Payments

One of the main reasons we wanted to incorporate this into the platform is safety for both sides of the marketplace. Our payments are powered by Stripe and secured with 256-bit SSL encryption. Having online accountability for both sides is key — and all payments will receive Maker’s Row customer service. Another reason we worked so hard to get this up and running is to help with the organizing of supply chains: sometimes projects take multiple factories, and now you can keep track of payments in one place.


For brands, it gives you peace of mind that your money is being processed securely through the site. With every payment you get the support of our team here at Maker’s Row. Which means, when you call, we answer; when you email, we respond. As always, reach out to us if you have any concerns or questions about the update.

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Why Quotes on Maker’s Row?

Requesting a quote from a factory is the first step in secure payments.  For brands, knowing what to include in your initial message to a factory is critical to a receiving a response.  The “Get a Quote” features guides you through a concise and specific way to express what you are looking for.  There is an option to attach your Maker’s Row project for even more details (this helps a lot, from what we hear from factories).  This reduces the back and forth by giving as much information as possible to give you an accurate quote. 

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Who Has Access?

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Currently, over 90 factories have been selected to receive quote requests.  All brands have access, and if you have a brand account, you can start requesting quotes. Log in and click the “Get a Quote” button on the factories page or while in the search results or request that a factory process payments through Maker’s Row. 

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In the next few weeks, we are giving first access to a selected brands (those who complete a project) the ability to receive bids on their project from American factories. To get first access, you can get started here.

Thank you for your continued support of Maker’s Row through the evolution of our platform. We are excited for this next phase!

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