Maker’s Row Launches Quality Control 101

Learning at Maker’s Row

We understand that in business, there are so many moving factors that can change your strategy for success. That is why we are focused on providing the most accurate and thorough information to help you prepare for any type of challenge or opportunity. Here is a list of where you can find the most information on manufacturing, entrepreneurship, and design.

  • Blog – daily articles written by designers, entrepreneurs, and leaders in manufacturing, business, and fashion.
  • Academy Courses – learn from trusted experts on how to get your product idea off the ground with a one-week email course.
  • Learning Series – live learning and networking events led by industry professionals.
  • Youtube: Maker’s Row Academy – videos from manufacturers and brands on their experiences in the industry.
  • Personal Sourcing – one-on-one consulting for personalized product development and sourcing.

New Academy Course

This month we are launching a new email course, Quality Control 101. This free 7-day course will empower you to manage your quality control process from start to finish. In this course, we will cover how to ensure the suppliers you choose can produce high-quality products, how to create a professional Quality Control program, and best practices for recouping costs when things go wrong.

quality control academy course

NYC Learning Series

Every month this year, Maker’s Row has transformed online learning into live classes.  Entrepreneurs from the NYC area come together to gain business advice and network. Here’s a recap of a recent event on Quality Control, led by our in-house sourcing expert.

Ready to Get Your Product Started?

Maker’s Row has launched Projects, a virtual one-stop shop software where you can organize and communicate details in order to get from design to production. Projects will move your ideas from the basic sketch to your first order, seamlessly. Get Started!

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