Making Leading Technology Accessible to Small Brands

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Throughout the year, Maker’s Row is constantly creating and partnering with leaders to bring innovative practices to manufacturing.  Here are some technological advances that are helping accessible and efficiency in the industry.

3D Clothing Sample Making


Mindy first started Clothier Design Source  with a vision to provide services and guide new designers in the industry. She knew in order to thrive in the USA, brands needed the best equipment and software that the industry had to offer. Once these processes were set up she looked for the next step of digital pattern making and digital cutting.

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 11.04.33 AM

The latest and most exciting new technology is 3D Virtual Prototyping. Hard goods have long since been offering this service and with challenges of fabric properties of drape and stretch, 3D prototyping for apparel has lagged behind. However with new advancements in technology acquired, they can dramatically cut down on development time, fabric cost and labor by virtually stitching garments before manufacturing. Virtual prototyping of apparel is done by making the pattern, inputting the fabric properties, inputting the stitch information and voila!: an instant sample is made! The 3D Virtual samples can be used for marketing, pre-sales, gathering investors, and to have a fit session via the web.

Clothier Design team

Electric Cutting Table

At the end of 2015, Dynotex received a new electric fabric cutting table – the first in NYC. We had the pleasure of visiting Dynotex, Inc., a high-quality apparel production house based in Brooklyn, to learn more about the new technology from the owner, Alan Ng.

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3D Prototype Prints

Susan Taing started Bhold to improve how things are made today:  “Since we (as a society) usually end up manufacturing so many things we may not have use for. I wanted to create things that were both functional and beautiful; products that would help make everyone’s life just a bit easier and better.”


Bhold Labs does things a little differently with 3D technology. They create smart, playful, minimalist accessories that solve problems in daily life. Unlike traditional product manufacturer, their rapid prototyping produces over 50 or 100 versions before a design is deemed ready for release.They have a community of testers who give real user feedback as they rapid prototype and iterate upon a concept.

3d prototype printing


Work with a Factory in Your Area

Maker’s Row has over 10,000 factories to explore, including over 3,000 in apparel. Browse our platform to find your factory fit!

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