What Type of Fashion Company Should You Start?

For someone who is not familiar, the fashion industry could be very confusing. There are many terms and nuances that aren’t known by outsiders. One of those is the type of fashion company. If you don’t have a fashion background, but want to join the industry, you’re going to have to decide what kind of line you want to create. This list should help you clear that up! Here are the different types of fashion companies you can start.


What is it? Also known as off-the-rack, ready-to-wear clothes are pretty straight forward. These are clothes are made for the general market (often wholesale) and are sold through stores. They do not need modifications for the individual customer. They can wear them directly off the hanger.

Who do you target? This type of apparel is for the general market. So the pieces should be for anyone who wants them. Price-wise, ready-to-wear is sometimes thought to be cheaper; however designer luxury brands also produce this type of clothing.dress


What is it? Essentially, this is the opposite of ready-to-wear. These clothes are made to measure or custom-made. Whatever the design is, the individual it is being made for is measured and then the garment is tailored for that one person. It is often made of high quality material and produced skillfully.

Who do you target?  This type is meant for consumers that have more disposable income to spend on custom clothing.


What is it? This is a specific style that has often been associated with surf and street culture (think PacSun). This clothing is often casual, comfortable, and sometimes could tread into activewear.

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Who do you target? This style has often been associated with Brooklyn and Southern California. It is popular among the younger section millennials.

capsule collection

Capsule Collection

What is it? Those classic pieces that are timeless and are staples in your closet could be considered part of your capsule wardrobe. So, a capsule collection is a line that consists of a few necessary and simple pieces that should be included in anyone’s wardrobe. Many designers like Karl Lagerfeld and Tommy Hilfiger have gotten in on the trend with partnerships with Macy’s.

Who do you target? Capsule collections are usually aimed at professionals looking to buy stylish and practical pieces that are interchangeable.  More often than not, these collections are sold to stores like H&M and Uniqlo or department stores like Macy’s.

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