Creating Independence Through Entrepreneurship

Happy Fourth of July!! As we celebrate the independence of our nation, we turn to the makers who are forging their path to the American dream by starting their own businesses. Becoming an entrepreneur is kind of like gaining freedom from a traditional job path. There are so many benefits to becoming an entrepreneur, and also difficulties, but all in all becoming an entrepreneur is exercising your right to the American dream.

While becoming an entrepreneur is not for everyone, those who have what it takes to make it won’t look back because they know they’re in the right place. Maker’s Row co-founder Tanya Menendez puts it best:

Quitting your job can be risky and scary – some people will even try to talk you out of it. Before quitting my job to co-own a leather goods line, I had potentially great career paths at Goldman Sachs and Google, and it was tough to leave that security for a risky venture. However, I found that eventually, the feeling of wanting to create and build something outweighs any risk or fear.”

You Are Your Own Boss

One of the top reasons that people want to become an entrepreneur is to be their own boss. Not having to report to someone affords you your own type of freedom. There is no perfect way to run a company. However, when you’re your own boss you can strive to find that perfect way.

On top of that, you get to make the decisions you think are best. You can make leaps and take risks unlike working for someone else’s company. Many people find that autonomy and really owning what you are doing is a key satisfaction factor in a job. Becoming your own boss is the perfect way to own what you are doing. You can really relish in your winds and take pride in what you are doing.

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Creative Freedom

Many entrepreneurs are creatives who have an idea for something they think people want and need. Starting your own business allows you the opportunity to bring that idea to life. This creative freedom is unique to entrepreneurship because it’s unlike working on a product you didn’t come up with.

When it’s your idea that you are working on, not only do you have the right to determine its direction you also know its best creative direction. Taking your product from idea to production is all the more satisfying knowing that its yours and that you had a hand in the process every step of the way. Take it from Lauren Cecchi:

Made In America Gives You Control Over Production

However, one of the best things about being a entrepreneur in the Unites States specifically is that you have access to tons of passionate small-batch manufacturers that are eager to help you get started! Producing locally has so many benefits and any entrepreneur you ask will give you an entire list. However, one of the most common answers is that producing locally gives you control over the production of your product that you simply can’t get elsewhere.

Though, it’s not just control. Working in the United States gives you the chance to really work with and interact with the makers that are helping bring your dream to life. Like Tabitha St. Bernard put it:

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So what are you waiting for? Strap up your boots and follow your dream to own your own business!

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