How to Use Maker’s Row Search

Although Maker’s Row has evolved past being a catalog to find factories, searching for factories is still an incredibly powerful tool that we offer. With more than 10,000 factories from different industries and with different capabilities from all over the country, it’s important to know the different features that we have to make finding a factory easier for you. This is your guide to using Maker’s Row search to the most of its ability!



You can filter by state if you’re looking for a local factory or have a preference toward a specific state. This is particularly helpful if you are considering producing locally. Which you might want to consider:


The industry refers to the type of products that the factory is producing. Starting on the factories page, you have two options: Apparel & Accessories and Furniture & Home Decor.

maker's row categories

From there, both split up into various categories. Here are some examples of categories included for Apparel & Accessories:


If you choose the apparel or accessories industry option it will give you the option to select certain capabilities that you may need help with: ideation, pattern-making, sourcing, sample-making, tooling, or production.

Maker's Row Stages

Search View


Grid view offers you more factories on a single page, however offers slightly less information. It includes the capabilities, an excerpt of the factory description, location, whether they are a preferred factory, and buttons to save the factory, take a note or get a quote or estimate.

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List view offers you less factories on a single page, but they include all the information from the grid view, in addition to longer descriptions and the company’s response rate.


maker's row factories

If you’re looking for factories in a specific area you can search in map view. This will show all the Maker’s Row factories in a specific area.

Important Things to Look For

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Find the perfect factory with Maker’s Row!


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