How to Request an Estimate

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Organizing all the details for your project is a crucial initial step in getting ready to start production. After you have everything ready, the next step is to see how much production is going to cost.  Knowing how to request an estimate and including enough information in a concise way will help you get the response you need.

Finding a Potential Factory Partner

Finding a specific manufacturer is the first step in sending an estimate request. With more than 10,000 factories from different industries, Maker’s Row can help you get connected to a factory that best suits your business needs.  You have the ability to search by state, industry, capabilities and even ratings!

Once you find the factories that you think will be great partners, look for the blue “Get Estimate” button on their profile.

get an estimate profile

Request an Estimate

Next, you will be prompted to include all the information factories need to know in order to get you a price estimate.

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 10.02.30 AM

Some tips for success when requesting an estimate:

  • Fill in all the entries – giving as much information as possible will help you get back an accurate quote.
  • Hover over – if your not sure what to include, each entry will show a detailed description and tips.
  • Write a short message – after the continue button, you will have the opportunity to write a short message. This is a great time to show that you are serious and ready to start work.
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Factory Response

You can confirm your request has been sent by checking your messages. Be sure to re-read your request and message factory if you missed any information.

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If the factory thinks the project is a match then they will send you an estimate.  They will give you an exact price estimate from your given range. You can accept the estimate, pay and immediately start production. If more details need to be fleshed out, message the factory to work through an agreement.

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