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We’re excited to introduce you to three new features: project dashboard, estimates, and payments! Watch our founders Tanya Menendez and Matthew Burnett introduce you to what’s new on Maker’s Row:

Maker’s Row has always had the goal of making it easier for entrepreneurs to make their product in the United States. This week, we’re making it even easier.

We are forging into the future by introducing three new features to Maker’s Row: projects dashboard, estimates, and payments. We believe that these features will not only make manufacturing even more accessible than before, but encourage more people to make. On top of that, we are unveiling a new look on our site!

Maker's Row

Throughout this week we will be dedicating each day to one of the new features and allowing you to get to know them. Our events will help you get to know how to use them, so follow us on social and sign up for our newsletter to stay up-to-date.

Tuesday (8/2/16) – Maker’s Row Live Q&A

On Tuesday, join Maker’s Row CMO and co-founder Tanya Menendez and Lead Engineer Dan Sipple as they answer questions about Maker’s Row, how it works, and how to use the new features. Learn about the nuances and features that you don’t know about! It will all be at

How to Use the Projects Dashboard

This blog post will take you through using projects and the projects dashboard.

Visit for more info!

Wednesday (8/3/16) – How to Request An Estimate

Learn how to request an estimate from a factory and how to read a quote.

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Thursday (8/4/16) – Maker’s Row Live: Suuchi

Hear from New Jersey apparel factory Suuchi, Inc and get tips about product design, production, and how Maker’s Row has changed the way they do business.

How to Pay Through Maker’s Row

Our most exciting new feature allows you to pay through the platform. Send invoices or pay directly from your messages. It is fast, safe, and convenient!

Friday (8/5/16) – How to Use Maker’s Row Webinar

On Friday our development and engineering team will be hosting a webinar on how to use Maker’s Row. This will include how to use the Projects dashboard, estimates and quotes, and payments. Ask questions live and watch how you can use our new features! You can RSVP here!

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