What is MAGIC + Why We Attend Each Year

This past month we were honored to be a part of MAGIC, the world’s largest fashion trade show. At the bi-annual show, held in the Las Vegas convention center, we had the opportunity to sponsor a row of booths in the Made in USA section in the SOURCING at Magic side of the show.

In addition, we hosted 3 panels on product development, domestic production, and small batch manufacturing. Some of our panelists included Playboy’s Chief Branding Officer Scott Killian, DNA Group’s Alex Snyder, AJC’s Dion Smith, and many more!

This year we also hosted a factory and brand mixer in the Aria Hotel which consisted of more than 50 brands and factories coming together to talk about entrepreneurship and what it takes to start and scale a business over drinks and the gorgeous Las Vegas skyline. A highlight of the event was when we invited our guests to talk about their crossover moment, which is the moment they decided to become an entrepreneur and start their own business. It really put into perspective the gravity of making the decision to join the hustle life and the incredible motivation that these entrepreneurs and factory owners had.

That’s why we attend the show every year. One of the best and most fulfilling parts of our trip was meeting the people that are looking to assert their independence and become an entrepreneur. Not only that, as a part of the Made in USA section we met countless entrepreneurs who wanted to solely produce domestically. SOURCING at MAGIC gave us the opportunity to meet the people we have helped and can help.

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maker's row sourcing at magic

Over the five-day show, we met hundreds of entrepreneurs, factories, and business owners who are a part of our community. Despite the innumerous amount of resources, people, and fun we had the show, that fact remained the most satisfying part. Take a look at our adventure at SOURCING at MAGIC:

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