How to Pull Off a Successful Brand Launch

Last week on Maker’s Row Live, I had the pleasure of interviewing  one of our long-time contributing bloggers, Syama Meagher. Syama’s extensive background in the fashion industry led her to starting Scaling Retail– the consulting company globally for startup and growth stage fashion business. As CEO, Syama specializes in helping entrepreneurs with sales, marketing and merchandising for wholesale, ecommerce and brick & mortar.

After an hour long chat, it was hard to narrow down the best tips. There was so much great advice that I definitely recommend checking out the full interview here:  But to get you started here are my 3 favorite pieces of advice she gave on pulling off a successful launch.

Steps to a Launching a Fashion Line

  1. Properly defining “What is a launch?”
  2. How much inventory/styles to launch with?
  3. Budgeting for a launch

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