How this L.A. Factory Went from Scaling Brands to Scaling Themselves

Last year, we featured Marta Miller from Lefty Production Company and talked to her about finding success in the city of dreams, successful clients, and starting a business with her best friend. Since it had almost been exactly a year, we decided to follow-up with Marta to see how her factory has changed and grown since we last spoke.

Marta said she has seen incredible growth, “we just keep growing and growing, trying to keep up with the huge demand that is being generated by great word of mouth and, of course, the amazing power of the Maker’s Row platform.” To help with the influx of clients, Marta had to grow her team at lefty as they got busier. “We continue to add to our team and have brought on additional team members to work on sales, sample making, sample coordinating, production coordinating, and production sewing.” Her growing team also required her to move into a larger space, “we also moved into a beautiful new facility right in the heart of the LA fashion district and have dedicated sewing and cutting areas as well as a fully-equipped sample room including a changing and fitting areas.”

However, one of the most exciting parts of the factory’s growth are the brands that she is working with. One partnership, in particular, stuck out. “The most exciting project I worked on was Phillip Ayler Jackets. He came to me and said I need you to make Axl Rose a jacket for tomorrow. I thought he was joking, but I did. Next thing I knew he was ordering one for every Kardashian, the entire band, and pretty much every A-List celebrity. They were awesome and personally monogrammed.”

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However, some of the smaller brands are the ones she loves working with the most. “I am also working with Libertine, Jenni Kayne, Calle Del Mar, and so many other small brands I love and respect.” One of her clients, an 11-year-old entrepreneur brought back some of the nostalgia from when she was one, “her dad is helping her make a swim line with pockets so she can collect her sea shells. I was always a young entrepreneur and I hated when people didn’t take me seriously. I treat her the same way I treat my buyer at Urban Outfitters.”

That young entrepreneur was the perfect segue into their most exciting project yet. “The big news is we are proud to announce that Project Runway Junior season 2’s official prize package includes Lefty Production Co.’s fashion design and development services. It will be awarded to the winner of the season!” Like Alex Snyder of the DNA Group, a Maker’s Row factory owner who competed on Project Runway, Marta was already a fan of the show, “we have been fans of Project Runway since the beginning and are so honored to be working with their talented designers!”

Needless to say, Left Production Co. is bringing Made in USA back in a big way.