Maker’s Row Factory Producing Uniforms for NBC Series

One of our preferred factories, Lefty Production Co, produced the team uniforms NBC’s Spartan Ultimate Team challenge. We wanted to share the great news with our community! Go Maker’s Row factories!!

Lefty Production Co. produced the official team uniforms for NBC’s popular sports entertainment series, Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge, now airing its second season. The high-profile project highlights the clothing factory’s industry-leading expertise in athletic wear and athleisure.

The show’s costume designer and entertainment industry veteran, Jackie Atkins, commented, “The team at Lefty Production Co. was a true pleasure to work with. They were professional, extremely knowledgeable and always available to answer any questions we had. They worked within our small budget and hustled in a very short time frame to deliver a well made stellar product for Spartan Race on NBC. I look forward to working with them on all my future design projects!”

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Lefty Productions Spartan

Inspired by Spartan Race, Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge takes the competition to new heights.  The series brings athletes together in teams of five – two men, two women, and an “elite Spartan athlete” who is picked by the show and serve as team captain. Competitors have to face their physical and mental limits while racing through a one-mile obstacle course over fire, water, and mud for the opportunity to win $250,000.

For the second season, the Los Angeles-based Lefty Production Co. was privileged to design and manufacture uniforms for the competitors that would enable them to reach their fullest athletic potential.  The uniforms have already won praise for their combination of style and functionality.

Lefty Production Co. has proved itself to be a leader in the field of athleisure. A representative from the company commented, “We understand that there is a massive shift in the way Americans are dressing. Athleisure will be everywhere for many years to come, and not just in the sports industry, but in social and work setting as well. Our team has adapted and is equipped with the latest technology, techniques, and innovations in activewear production.”


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