4 Latin Leaders in Manufacturing You Should Know

Bree Trejo

Business Development at NYC Factory


Bree attributes her work ethic to the Southern California latino community where she grew up.  “Hard work is all I’ve ever known, and that derives directly from my culture. If you want something enough, if you put in the work, the effort, and give your heart you are going to flourish.”

This Spanish-Mexican-American not only works as a business development for NYC Factory, but is also on the brink of creating something new. She is the Creative Director at a new apparel textile company MASFUERTE NY: “I’m excited to see more technologically driven pieces, whether it’s through textile or the actual construction and make of a garment. My hope is to push those boundaries and learn all I can along the way while marrying fashion and technology.”

Jose Bellon

VP of Manufacturing at Unionwear

jose bellon

This Cuban native grew up in a hard working community in Miami that taught him how to work with a variety of people, aim for excellence and be honest in business. Jose Bellon loves helping companies grow – “dealing with people from many different countries and helping them grow, and at the same time they make our company grow.”

Jose doesn’t plan on leaving the industry anytime soon. He hopes to continue producing in The United States and helping entrepreneurs realize that anything can be made here.

Wilson Quezada

Owner at NYC Factory


Wilson Quezada grew up poor in Ecuador, but he didn’t let that stop him from embodying the trends and celebrities of his time. He began to learn and make his own pants eventually becoming well-versed in apparel production.

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Today, he loves the constant creativity that is foundational to his work. “What I admire most is a designer pushing boundaries and wanting to challenge the norms of fashion, that’s what keeps me going and the reason why I invest in new technology.”

He wants to invite others to “step out of the box” by educating them on the manufacturing process: “I’d enjoy offering classes to designers and students who are interested in improving their garments and learning what other options they have when it comes to construction, details, tech packs, how to manage production, our laser cutting capabilities and our seamless bonding techniques as well.”

Nicole Melendez

Owner at Nicole Melendez

nicole with client
Born and raised in Ponce, Puerto Rico, Nicole Melendez is the founder of NYC-based Nicole Melendez Design and Habito. Inspired by her “very hard working, extremely friendly and collaborative” latino culture, she started her businesses “with the aim to bring collaboration and encourage all the moving parts of the design development process.”

Her vision for collaboration is to grow and scale businesses that are able to solve problems in this ever changing industry. She believes that through businesses like her’s more talented individuals will be able to diversify their portfolios, aspire to be business owners, or work to enrich company culture in a corporate environment.

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