Fashion Nova | Instagram Branding Done Right

Have you been thinking about launching your own apparel brand? When Fashion Nova first launched, they had no idea that they would be co-signed by some of the industry’s hottest celebs. Cardi B, Kylie Jenner, and Khloe Kardashian are just a few of the celebs that swear by Fashion Nova fits. The Instagram famous clothing brand has been pushed to the forefront and is showing no signs of slowing down. Aside from their solid e-commerce movement, they’ve got five storefronts on the West Coast. Women worldwide are getting their fits from Fashion Nova. They’ve got everything from denim to lingerie and they are on top of all the latest fashion trends. They are not a couture design house or a big corporate designer brand but they are a very popular option. How do they do it and what does this clothing brand do that makes them stand out?

First and foremost, Fashion Nova has their finger on all the fashion trends. They are sensitive to the needs of their customer and make sure they have what they want/need. Their designers know what’s happening and when it’s happening so they are right there as it’s happening. They provide clothing in sizes ranging from 0 to Plus Size and Curvy. Their price point remains doable so that being fashionably fresh is achievable across all markets. Any woman can dress in Fashion Nova and that is a huge win for them. They know Music Festival season is coming up so they put together a collection of ‘Festival Fits”. Since they are based in Los Angeles, they have basically become Coachella fashion headquarters. Their pieces have been seen everywhere from Red Carpets to strip clubs. They do their fashion homework so that they can literally offer something for everyone.

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The brand’s use of Influencers is clutch. Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian post their favorite fits. Draya is another Fashion Nova favorite. Rapper Cardi B gives Fashion Nova a lot of love too. Aside from posting pics of her Fashion Nova fits on Instagram, she includes the brand name in her songs and actually lets people know that their clothing makes her feel beautiful and actually fit her body type. She mixes Fashion Nova with her existing high-end wardrobe, especially her red bottoms. Cardi B was in New York last week for her Invasion of Privacy listening session. She came through dressed to kill and of course, she was rocking a pair of Fashion Nova denim shorts.

If you are trying to decide on launching that brand or creating that clothing collection, let Fashion Nova be an inspiration to you. They went from a small E-commerce/Instagram brand with a few pieces to a fashion conglomerate that women love.

Take your idea and make it happen.

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