Gwynnie Bee Looks To Shake Things Up With the Launch of “CaaStle”

Subscription boxes and services are a convenience that is all the rage. People look to these services to make their lives easier. Whether it’s a box full of the latest Health & Beauty Aids or a monthly subscription of clothes for a bottomless closet, these subscriptions are clutch. Subscription service Gwynnie Bee offers the option for women to rent their clothing. When it all began, the service was designed to service the Plus-sized clothing market. Earlier this year, they expanded to include sizes 0-8 which was a tactic used to get brands to level up when it came to their sizing. With that, CEO Christine Hunsicker decided to roll out another feature, CaaStle.

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Like a SaaS (Subscription as a Service) company, CaaStle is a CaaS (Clothing as a Service) company that will offer the same subscription services as Gwynnie Bee, but will expand across other traditional retailers. The brands will have access to the subscription aspect like Gwynnie Bee but its use will parallel their existing ecomm practices. The brands would have access to the service while CaaStle is responsible for processing the returns and handling back end business. Companies like Ann Taylor (Infinite Style), Gwynnie Bee, and New York & Company (NY&C Closet) are already onboard and CaaStle is looking to grab more as they go along. Their funding is in a good place and they are ready to expand CaaStle however they see fit.

Whether you’re a retailer looking to snag new customers or you’re simply trying to move inventory around, the idea of a CaaS company is pretty cool. Registering your brand with the launch of CaaStle might be a pretty good idea. They are looking for other retailers to jump on board and get with the program. If you are a clothing brand that is looking to get your product out there, this might be a great marketing situation. Hit up CaaStle and see if this is an opportunity that can work for you.

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