Imagine That! Christopher Chiappa Creates Furniture That Visualizes Where Art & Design Collide

Traditional furniture designs are always going to be a thing. People will always have a love for standard table, chair, and lamp pieces that are in heavy interior design rotation. There are other people who dare to do things different. New York-based artist Christopher Chiappa has a thing for innovation and doing things different. His furniture designs are next level and they are shaping up to be everything he’s ever imagined, literally. He uses his creativity and artistic talent to create furniture that also serves as art.

Chiappa has a very non-traditional process when it comes to designing furniture. He reconfigured his artistic process after a long bout with a creative “dry spell”. He stepped outside of his artistic comfort zone and started crafting furniture out of Styrofoam and resin. He used bright colors and innovative design to create pieces that stand out. In an interview with Architectural Design, he explains that he’s not just making furniture. “This is not just a table. It’s a painting. And a sculpture.” He chooses the colors he uses but throwing darts at a Benjamin Moore color wheel. Wherever the dart lands determines the next color he’s going to use. As time progressed, he ended up with a studio full of really cool pieces.

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Some of Chiappa’s designs include a table with a top that resembles a fried egg, benches that look like band-aids, and a room divider that resembles sculptured scribble scrabble. These pieces would give any room some personality coupled with a necessary pop of color. His work will be on display at the Kate Werble Gallery, available for viewing from April 14th to June 2. Check out some of his pieces at and look for his pieces to hit the gallery later this month.

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Photo Credit: Elisabeth Bernstein/Courtesy of the artist and Kate Werble Gallery, New York, NY