Manufacture 2030: How Can It Help Your Brand?

Green manufacturing is what’s trending for 2018. Earth Day is in a few weeks and plans to keep the planet clean and green are in full effect. Manufacture 2030 is an initiative that is looking to help decrease the resources that are being used in Global Manufacturing. Their goal is to bring brands, retailers, and manufacturers together to help cut costs and the amount of environmental damage that is being done. Business performance and production practices are heavily affected by energy, water, and waste efficiency. Customers are more aware of the damage that manufacturing and production have on the planet. Consumers are making more of an effort to support brands and products whose manufacturing processes have less of an adverse effect on the planet.

The Manufacture 2030 (M2030 bee) collective is a digital platform that will be able to convert the resource efficiency of a company’s manufacturing operations. With this, resource efficiency is made easier. The platform even allows for companies managing sites to accelerate their production progress for higher quality and performance. The M2030 bee community is a growing group of brands and manufacturers looking to explore some of the options and trends that are effective in making manufacturing practices more efficient.

Check out the video below to see how joining the M2030 community could potentially work for you and your brand.

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