Top Digital Marketing Strategies for Mother’s Day

By: Heather Lomax

Mother’s Day isn’t just a way to celebrate the woman who brought you life or raised you from a young age. It’s also a perfect opportunity to draw in more customers with creative marketing campaigns geared toward everything moms love. Sometimes, the creative part is hard to come by, especially with changing tastes as technology and trends make gift-giving more of an endeavor. Below, we’ll help you figure out how to increase ROI on your Mother’s Day marketing strategies.

Many precious memories with mom are cultivated during the childhood years, so what better way to celebrate mothers all over the world than creating a nostalgia campaign featuring old photos of children with the family matriarch? By inviting audience participation, your customers will feel more engaged with your product since your business is taking a personal interest in their personal lives.

You can easily get a trending hashtag by using tags like “#ThrowbackMothersDay” and have your followers share images from Mother’s Day past. Bonus points if you can make it more relevant to your brand, like featuring popular women’s styles from prior decades if you own a textile company.

Giveaway Day
Whether your business is online or brick-and-mortar, giveaways are a go-to campaign to make sales skyrocket. As a rule, promote giveaways well in advance – at least three weeks prior – and as Mother’s Day approaches, gradually up the stakes to motivate continued engagement.

To make the special day as special as possible, consider making your top Mother’s Day giveaway a mystery and providing hints leading up to the main event. Leverage social media for your giveaways by posting photos, of the gifts as well as the proud winners.

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Email Series
Email marketing is a tried and true method of drawing in new customers and retaining current ones, but it’s also probably the most effective way to get the word out about your Mother’s Day promotions. With a catchy subject line and vibrant graphics to accompany your tagline, you’ll be sure to boost traffic to your Mother’s Day sales, giveaways, and advertisements.

One idea is to use your emails to tell stories about the significance of Mother’s Day. For added effect, personalize your messages based on stats provided by your customers’ buying habits. Cap-off your campaign with special promotions and discounts that feature your brand.

Mother’s Day Gift Guides
Ever been stumped on what to buy mom for Mother’s Day? After all, you don’t wanna give her the same old card and chocolate, so that’s where your business will step in. Help out your indecisive customers by doing all the grunt work for them and list some creative ideas for gifts that your business offers.

Once you’ve created the guide, share it on all channels – social media, email, your website, etc. If you do it right, then your customers will likely remember how useful of a resource your business is and return during other holidays as well.

Remember PPC
During the Mother’s Day season, you have only a short time to get your message across to the right audience while staying relevant. For this reason, you should create a dedicated PPC campaign and closely monitor its performance. PPC can be especially helpful if people don’t normally associate your brand with Mother’s Day or gift-giving but want to take advantage of the holiday’s selling potential.

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With the renewal of spring comes refreshing your approach to traditional holidays like Mother’s Day. So, get together with your marketing team and try at least one or two of these strategies to stay on top of the curve.

Heather Lomax is a contributing writer and media relations specialist for Gemstone Data.