Acme Design launches design incubator to launch brands in New York City

Since our inception, Acme Design‘s core values are to support domestic production and emerging designers.  We’ve found that there are many challenges and unanswered questions for designers who are new to the industry.  Often designers don’t know what they don’t know, until they know!  To help emerging designers navigate through development, we have started a fashion incubator that offers a vertically integrated solution for brands looking to launch their collections, offering in-house a full package from design development through to production. 

As consultants, we help build the framework to establish the infrastructure for fashion brands by advising throughout product and sample development, offering our industry experience as guidance for the designer on the best way to navigate development.  By implementing best practices so that each decision is made thoughtfully and strategically. We advise on industry standards, and offer our expertise from all aspects of development, from technical design through to merchandising strategies based on price point and SKU plans.

For brands looking to begin from the beginning, we can start from design development, building mood boards and deciding on the color story and design direction. We help oversee sourcing for fabrics and trims, advising on what we think will work for the design and suggest the best fabric and construction for the design.  We create tech packs , a blueprint for garment construction, that are industry ready for pattern-making.  Our patterns are created digitally in Optitex but our foundation was built in paper patterns and draping.

In addition to pattern-making, Acme Studio was born naturally from our own focus to tailoring and a discipline to fit.  We conduct fittings on live models to fit muslins, or prototypes, as well as samples to check the fit and balance of a garment.  Technical design is the foundation to any collection, and is often overlooked by emerging designers.  Establishing a standardized fit for consistency is key to the success of a brand.  As consultants we can offer our expertise to deliver the correct fit for each sample and tailor it to the brand’s individual look and feel.

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