Factory Q&A – Made X Hudson

Q1: Where are you located and what is unique about your factory?

We are located in Catskill, NY, just 2 hours north of NYC. As a community centered non-profit, we prefer to work with brands who share our mission for creating ethically and sustainably made goods, whether they are based in NY or across the country. 

Q2: What are your top capabilities/specialties/products?

We primarily focus on cut-and-sew wovens, from women’s to men’s and gender neutral apparel. We also work on soft goods for the home like pillows, aprons, and bags. As a relatively new factory, we are unique in that our minimums start at 20 units. 

Q3: What is your team like?

We are a highly creative team with decades of industry experience. We created Made X Hudson to support small to midsize brands who need to bridge from concepts or small batch home production to a factory. 

Q4: What do you require for sampling?

For every project we take in, we always make a sample that the client and ourselves sign off on before going into production. If someone comes to us with an idea, we are able to do the pattern and grading services to get the client to a first prototype for sampling.

Q5: What is your average timeline for sampling?

Our average timeline for sampling is 1-2 weeks. 

Q6: What do you love about what you do?

While working on smaller volume projects can be challenging, we love the variety of projects which keeps our production team interested and learning new techniques every week. We also love being able to work on revitalizing the garment industry in our region and teaching the next generation about garment design and production. 

Q7: What are some exciting projects you’ve worked on recently?

Since we launched in May, we’ve worked with several exciting young brands, from gender neutral harnesses and ties, hand-dyed silk dresses, and women’s suits made from up-cycled quilts. 

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