Anne Kearns

For the past 20 plus years, Anne Kearns has litigated and consulted with clients on intellectual property and commercial matters. That includes a broad range of services from litigating cutting edge trademark and copyright disputes, to negotiating license agreements, to helping start-ups comply with social media laws such as FTC influencer rules and privacy policies. Ms. Kearns also advises manufactures and retailers on regulations including California's Proposition 65 which requires notice to consumers regarding chemical content. For more information see

In addition, Ms. Kearns started her own online women's clothing brand from scratch several years ago. She managed every part of the business from finding fabric, pattern makers, and a factory, to hiring models and a photographer, to building a website and engaging in social media marketing. She's been in the trenches of e-commerce and knows the ins and outs of starting an apparel business.

Written by Anne