Activewear Trends 2015: Sustainable & Made Local

Trade shows and markets are a great way to stay updated on industry trends and network with other vendors and retailers. As a development house and growing manufacturer of garments in the USA, we like to keep our eye out for trends and staying ahead of the curve with new construction methods is a must. This year, one of the shows our team attended was Outdoor Retailer. If you aren’t familiar, Outdoor Retailer is hosted in Salt Lake City, Utah, and exhibits leading winter sports equipment retailers, manufacturers and outdoor industry professionals. You’ll find heavyweight outdoor gear brands such as The North Face, Marmot, Mont Bell, Smart Wool & Helly Hansen. With over 1000 exhibitors of retail and raw goods, it is a rich experience.

The trends that excite us tend to be the minute details such as new ways to construct a pocket or a new zipper slider. Nonetheless, here are some exciting findings that’ll allow you to see things from a domestic manufacturer’s perspective.


Fabric Trends: Sustainability, Breathability, Durability

  • -Melange fabrics are a huge trend
  • -Bonded fabrics of different combinations like merino wool combined with synthetic fibers
  • -Fabrics with wool blends and 100% wool
  • -Eco-friendly techniques used during  the dying process
  • -Fibers disguised to imitate other fibers such as nylon that looks like denim
  • -Mixing textures like woven quilted with jersey knit


Trends in Trims: Reflective, Custom Branding, Unique Zippers

  • -Crazy zippers! Zippers that look like leather or have teeth an inch wide
  • -Reflective that doesn’t look reflective until a light is shone on it
  • -Custom branded trims-snaps, zipper pulls or aglets are a must
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Construction Trends: Flat Seams & Laser Cut

  • -Flat felled seams which strengthen garments and reduce irritation  are becoming more common in sportswear
  • -Laser cut perforation
  • -Directional quilting
  • -Articulated knees and elbows
  • -Partially sewn top stitching


Overview of Trends to Watch for Activewear 2015

  • -Cross over garments from active to casual
  • -Socially responsible clothing
  • -Manufacturing local or domestically in USA!

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