How To Survive Sourcing at MAGIC

It’s that time of year again – Sourcing at MAGIC in Las Vegas. It’s where we’re in our element, but surviving the endless days – not to mention the heat – can be a trial we didn’t account for. So, how to survive at MAGIC? We asked our buying team for the advice they wished they’d been given before their first Sin City trade show, and how apparel brands stand out to them when it’s all they see.

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Sass up your Instagram. Whether it’s brands or influencers, buyers use the social network get to know the brand and the type of consumer that they work with. According to buyer Gigi Cueva, “when you’re buying, you need to get lost in who the consumer is, so I tend to search for visuals of who my ideal consumer is and find inspiration for brands/style that way.”

Aim for a perfect attendance record. Buyer or brand, there are seminars available to everyone, and are a great way to observe oncoming trends. Plus, you’ll inevitably meet people doing incredibly interesting things, so it’s a great way to expand your network.

Talk to everyone. If you’re hosting a booth, you should always have at least one staffer open to speaking to people who don’t have opinions. If you have a visitor who walks away without having a conversation, or even a business card in hand, it’s a missed opportunity. At the very least, have someone jot down contact details to touch base later, but facetime always wins.

Those are our Sourcing at MAGIC survival hacks – what are yours? Can’t wait to see you there!

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