September’s Top Rated American Factories

Factories work hard to produce fantastic work and reviews are a great way to showcase those efforts. Reviews let you know what kind of experience past clients have had and what they liked best about working with a factory. It can help you narrow down who you want to work with and give you a little more context beyond what is listed on profile.

See who came out on top: Here is a selection of some of our Top Rated Factories this September. These factories have the highest combination of number of stars and number of total reviews.

Clothier Design Source

Product Development + Small-badge Production


Located in Saint Paul, Minnesota, Clothier Design Source takes a unique approach to producing sewn goods: rather than simply taking an order, CDS works closely with clients to determine their end goals and creates a custom made plan to achieve results.

Project 3 Inc.

Premium Vertical Apparel Manufacturing

project 3
LA based Project 3 looks beyond the confines of four walls and considers overall design. Applying over 30 years of experience in the premium markets of Woven’s, Knits and Denim, Project 3 will insure each step of your production is handled with the care you would expect from a manufacturing partner.

Dynotex Inc.

Full-Service Apparel Production

IMG_7249 (2)

If you’re looking for a NYC based factory outside of the concrete jungle of midtown, come to Dynotex in Brooklyn! Established in 1999, Dynotex is a unique full service production contractor. They are the the reliable and trusted manufacturing partner that you want for your brand.

Stitch Texas

Technical Design + Production

stitch tx

Whether you are starting with a sketch, sample, or pattern, Stitch Texas can guide you from idea to finished product with ease. They’ll treat you to competitive pricing and that famous southern hospitality while ensuring timeliness and a high-quality of work.

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