10 Startup & Manufacturing Horror Stories

Happy Halloween! Spooked yet? Don’t worry, you will be. We’ve rounded up some of the scariest startup horror stories from designers and entrepreneurs who were forced to learn things the hard way. The good news, though, is that these cautionary tales will help you make the right calls for your business. Ahead: the most useful horror stories you’ll ever read.


1. All about DIY? Here you go: “I’ll Do It Myself” & Other Sentences That Could Lead to Success or Disaster

“We were looking at a lot of money and time before even seeing our first product. This may be manageable for many brands, but we were concerned about dealing with long delays when producing new products.” Read more.

2. Tech-shy and unsure of where your money should go? Read: The Biggest Mistake I Made When Starting My Clothing Line

“There is one thing I did at the very beginning that resulted in wasted money, time and energy that I wish I could go back in time and undo.” Read more.

3. Numbers not your thing? Read: 4 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make At The Very Beginning

“The day-to-day of being an entrepreneur is a lifestyle nothing could prepare you for until you find yourself smack in the middle of it.” Read more.

4. Need to put your foot down? This is for you: 3 Signs of A Bad Business Partner

“Ending a business relationship with a company that isn’t delivering what you expect can prove to be the lesser of two evils.” Read more.

5. Think you only need one sample? Think again: 5 Reasons to Make Multiple Samples

“You don’t want to lose an opportunity because you’re holding onto that one sample too tightly.” Read more.

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6. Don’t want your design knocked off? Protect your neck: The Basics of Patent Protection for Design

“Those ideas are valuable, which means they’re also at risk of being copied or worse, stolen.” Read more.

7. Want to start on the right foot? Brush up: 3 Beginner Mistakes When Contacting Manufacturers

“You can’t negotiate price before you understand what you’re buying.” Read more.

8. Don’t want to get taken for a ride? Read: The Dangerous Mistakes of Product Sales

“It’s important to read any agreement you sign very carefully and make sure you are crystal clear with any requirements you need to follow.” Read more.

9. Afraid of starting over? Don’t be: Fight or Rebrand? One Brand’s Do-Over

“We saw an attorney’s name in the upper left corner and instantly knew that this was either good or bad.” Read more.

10. Want a leg up on production? Here’s how to get it: 3 Trade Secrets To Avoid Production Mayhem

“From minor imperfections to major defects, when things go wrong during production it’s often the result of one of these three ‘beginner’s mistakes.'” Read more.

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