The 10 States With The Most Factories

The decision to start a business can be daunting. But knowing you can meet with someone locally and start small is an invaluable convenience for producing in America.

Here are Maker’s Row picks for the top 10 states leading furniture, apparel, and jewelry manufacturing in the United States.

10. Texas


Texas has about 381 factories throughout the state. If you are looking to start an apparel line or launch a new product, we recommend checking out Stitch Texas. This factory is based in Austin and works with a variety clients from beginners to experts.

9. Florida allenmanufacturing-10

Florida came in close behind Texas with 382 factories on the peninsula. We get many questions about making labels, so we thought sharing a 5-star rated custom label factory would be helpful. CustomLabels4U, Inc. If labels are an afterthought for you, they make it easy with a variety of sew-on and iron-on labels that can be ordered online.

8. Ohio

river city manufacturing

420 Factories call Ohio home.  River City Manufacturing Company is one of those factories.  Located right next to the Ohio River, this factory offers unique and custom leather manufacturing.

7. Pennsylvania

We recently paid a visit to Pennsylvania for a Made in Philly: Product Development event. We were able to learn more about the local and state-wide community of manufacturing. There are 466 factories to choose from in this state, one of those being Monilyn.

6. Illinois

stitch method

Illinois might seem an unlikely contender, until you think of the opportunities that big cities, like Chicago, bring to states.  There are 507 factories in the state.  One factory in the Windy City is Stitch Method. They handle everything from design to product development and even production management.

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5. New Jersey

leatherworks by arturo

New Jersey might be seen as New York’s backyard to some. There are over 500 factories that service the fashion and home industry. Leatherworks by Arturo is a leader in handbags, briefcases, and small leather goods manufacturing. Established in 1983,  they offer guidance to new brands and are a great sampling and manufacturing partner for new and well established companies.

4. Minnesota

Maker's Row Factory Visit Made by Wood

This midwestern state boasts 708 factories. There is a wide variety offered in this manufacturing hub from businesses like Ursa Major, who specialize in tooling, metal fabrication, and vinyl coating.  For furniture and home decor, contact the team over at North Forty based in Nowthen. Check out other leaders in apparel and jewelry here.

3. North Carolina


North Carolina is home to southern hospitality and 764 factories. In a state with many major universities like UNC, Wake Forest, and Duke, there is no surprise to find factories that are implementing new technologies. One such factory is Innovaknits, a contract manufacturer servicing the fashioned knitwear and apparel market. Not only do they have 30+ years of experience, they also work with performance fabrics and 3D knitting.

2. New York

carrera-casting-apparel-ny-160506-w9773 (1)

With the legendary Garment District in its parameters, there is no surprise that New York is towards the top of the list. Whether you are a seasoned designer or just a student getting started, you can surely find a factory from the 1,390 to meet your needs. NYC FACTORY INC offers consulting packages for all levels of experience. If the apparel business isn’t your thing, Carrera Casting is a premier jewelry manufacturer with a very helpful team that offers professional advice, confidentiality, and speed to market.

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1. California


The strongest manufacturing community that we’ve seen is arguably in California. Indie Source is a part of the 1,507 factories that service the apparel, jewelry, and home industry. They will not only help you develop your designs and products, but also think through the financial and business side of fashion.

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