10 American Small Batch Manufacturers

It’s the question we got asked at The White House, Northside Festival and during our #AsktheSource Twitter Chat. “Is small-batch manufacturing a viable option in the United States? The answer is YES!! We’ve hunted down 10 Small Batch Factories doing big things for small business, emerging designers and even some very large brands looking to create limited edition products. Best of all, these 10 Small Batch Factories are proudly ‘Made in America’.

Turning a creative idea into a tangible product that goes out into the world and can later turn into a profitable idea that keeps your business afloat requires a budget and reliable manufacturing partner. Whether you’re ready to start producing on a larger scale, just getting started or looking for a low minimum partner, small batch manufacturing in the United States is a viable option.

Why Opt for Small Batch Manufacturing?

Small batch manufacturing allows designers and small business owners to operate within their means. Taking a small scale approach involves everything from scrutinizing the amount of fabric and supplies you purchase to deciding how many products/styles you should launch with.

  1. More efficiently test the market and gauge consumer feedback
  2. Reduce the risk of excess inventory
  3. Can lead to a more agile supply chain
  4. Can provide shorter lead teams
  5. May mean you can get your product off the ground sooner
  6. Lower production costs could mean you can turn a profit earlier
  7. Many small batch manufacturers are willing to invest time, resources, and expertise to help you succeed


 Interested in Small Batch manufacturing? We’ve curated a list of more than 50 American-based Small Batch Manufacturers specializing in everything from apparel to furniture.

Small batch manufacturing

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  • Sandy Montalbano

    As mentioned in the article, some apparel manufacturers are reshoring and sourcing locally to take advantage of the flexibility of smaller production runs which is a key advantage to reshoring manufacturing and sourcing locally.

    Changes in the global manufacturing market, technology and the benefits of locating manufacturing closer to customers are giving companies more options to manufacture competitively in the U.S.

    Companies are reshoring because they are finding that selecting locations near customers gives them better flexibility to respond to customers, eliminates higher shipping expenses, minimizes supply chain disruptions and eliminates the larger production runs and inventories associated with long distance offshoring.

    The not-for-profit Reshoring Initiative can help.

    The not-for-profit Reshoring Initiative’s free Total Cost of Ownership software helps corporations calculate the real P&L impact of reshoring or offshoring. In many cases,
    companies find that, although the production cost is lower offshore, the total cost is higher, making it a good economic decision to reshore manufacturing back to the U.S.

  • Anthony GP

    We actually just got done rewriting our main Batch Production article. Great timing on this! We were actually looking for more examples when researching, but missed this. Would it be OK if we work your article’s link into it? It talks about the advantages and disadvantages of batch production, as well as tips on optimizing & being more efficient. It’s here: https://www.graphicproducts.com/articles/batch-production/ if you’d like to read it.

  • Kyle Bardouche

    I would not recommend Black Anchor in any degree. What we were told and promised were completely different than what was delivered. Not only did the 1-week sample turnaround time turn into a month and more than we were quoted, the finished product was not in sellable condition.

    Even all that – after we invested over a month, over $1500 in them, they said they couldn’t do our bags. We were ready to cut a PO for $35,000. Really disappointing as we sent numerous photos and even a fully assembled final product for them to work off of and after they reviewed the product we were told “this would be no problem”. The communication was absolutely laughable. As soon as I paid for the items, the communication nearly cut off as he went on vacation and the contacts name he gave me was completely unresponsive.

    So in short – if you want to waste time and money with these guys – I’d do your research and look somewhere else.

    • Tanya Menendez

      thanks for sharing your experience! I agree, doing research is KEY! you can find more small batch factories and read reviews on them here: makersrow.com/small-batch

      • Sarfaraz Ahmed Khan

        Hi I would like to introduce my company Zega Apparel Manufacturing Here , http://www.zegaapparel.com
        We are a private label apparel manufacturing . We are Gold Supplier of Alibaba with 4 year positive history of supplying garments to some of the most famous emerging brands in USA, UK , Australia and Canada.
        We can manufacture in small Quantities Cut an Sew ,T-shirts, Hoodies, Polos, Denim , Beanies, Hats, Dress Shirts, Jumpers, jackets, Jeans,and anything that creative brands can think , we can make.
        You can also view our portfolio where we promote the designs of our customers on our website http://www.zegaapparel.com/portfolio_apparel.php

    • Henrik Nilsson

      Vietnamese OEM factory here. Can make smaller batches if you give fabric lead. http://www.proitctextiles.com, And much cheaper than what you said.

  • Aysha Abdulrahman

    I am finding small batch sewing contractors that can make long dress based on my design and private label. 2 weeks now and still I did not get any.

    • Tanya Menendez

      did you try creating a project? you can send it to info@makersrow.com and they will try to send you factories!

  • Rita


    Does someone knows where can I find small run manufacture for swimsuit production?

    I am looking to fix my swimsuit samples (aprox. 4) and then manufacture total of 10 designs (50-100 of each).